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The County Fringe, a Dallas based folk duo comprised of husband and wife Guy and Heather Cramer, calls upon a time buried beneath a digital age and stands firm to claim its stake of musical property. Multi-instrumentalist Guy Cramer is no stranger to the music scene and is best known as a multifaceted percussionist and well respected jazz drummer who has provided a foundation for many of his North Texas musical counterparts for more than a decade. In lieu of snares and toms, Cramer’s foundation of six string fingerpicking tips a hat to delta masters such as Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Lemon Jefferson and does so with fluent dexterity. Guy steps to the front of the stage with a wealth of talent by his side via Heather Cramer’s homespun vocals that are saturated with gospel soul and Depression era swagger. The softer side of the Cramer duo brings much more than timeless female features boasting vocal tones that affirm a childhood spent alongside crackling vinyls spinning Billie Holiday, Maybelle Carter, Almeida Riddle and Iris Dement. If Passion and Trust were audible tones “The County Fringe EP” would be the soundtrack for such declaration reminiscing sepia staged Sunday night gatherings that happily slipped into Monday’s sunlight. The musical relationship between heartfelt lyrics and vintage melodies reflect the playful nature of a conversation shared before love became just another four letter word underneath the racing lights of the city. The County Fringe brings a refreshing catalogue of songs whose live performance leaves listeners with a classic pastime discovered once again.

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